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With Thanks

Cave photography is something of a team sport. It is not possible to create these shots without the help of patient models and lighting helpers, strong caving support to move equipment and people behind the scenes to push and publish the work.

Special thanks and recognition should go to:

Dudley Caving Club Members
Descent Magazine
UKCaving Forum
Commendium 3D Scanning Services
The Meghalaya Expedition Team 2017
The Slovenian Kast Institute
The Croatian Expedition Team 2017/2018
The Mulu Expedition Team 2019/2020

The individual list of thanks is long and I could not cover everyone, but feel I must thank those who have given me constant support over the past years. I will  no doubt miss someone, for which I can only apologise.
My thanks to:
Jess Burkey, Brendan Marris (Dudleybug), Keith Edwards (CaverKeith), Kayleigh Wood, Laura Appleby, Chloe Burgess, Jane Allen, Tim Allen, Martin Grass, Richard Warman (Kermit), Chris Binding, Roo Walters, Chris Howes, Judith Calford & Christine Grosart.